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Rebekah donates hair to charity

Rebekah MacDonald, aged 5 years, of the Dunfermline congregation in Dundee Scotland , always dreamed of having Rapunzel hair, but recently chose to have 15 inches of her hair cut off for charity. Her hair was donated to 'The Little Princess Trust', an organisation that provides real-hair wigs, at no cost to children, who suffer hair loss due to illnesses such as cancer.

When Rebekah's long locks started to be a bit unmanageable, her mum Gemma suggested that it was time for her to get a few inches cut off, but she felt it would be a shame for the hair to go to waste. Rebekah suggested giving it to someone else, and after looking into hair donation, they came across the Little Princess Trust. That was when Rebekah remembered their family discussions about the importance of remembering that Christmas is not about receiving but about helping others. She then decided to donate as much hair as possible as a special gift for another child.

With her hair 15 inches shorter, Rebekah says, "I am really happy to do something kind for another boy or girl and hope they like my hair. I know Jesus will be happy that I am thinking about making someone else happy."

In addition to donating her hair, Rebekah has also managed to raise over £450 sponsor money for Cancer Research UK. Rebekah and her family, Darren, Gemma, Jacob (7), Samuel(4) and Emilie (1) are now looking at other ways to serve the community, such as preparing to help local residents in severe weather this winter and singing for the elderly.

Rebekah's proud mum Gemma said, "To serve others is such an important aspect of our lives. The ability to lose all selfishness and to think of others needs is not always easy, but if I could teach my children one thing, this would be it. It brings so much joy and happiness to all involved and brings us closer to our Heavenly Father. Watching Rebekah acting in such a selfless manner at such a young age has not only been an amazing example to us, but also to the local community who have supported her. She has been able to share her testimony of Jesus Christ with her friends at school, telling them of how He will be happy that she is thinking of others. We are delighted that she is being a member missionary and hope that all our family will follow her example."

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