News Releases

COVID-19 and Its Impact on Latter-day Saints Around the World

From Newsroom (Salt Lake City) Another update on how coronavirus is impacting Latter-day Saints around the world. 

Interfaith Christmas Concert Event Invites All to Celebrate Christ's Birth

Social media campaign in Europe spreads messages of kindness

The videos reached over hundreds of viewers and impacted many lives.

Building Bridges: Hope for a Unified World

This episode of Hope Helps welcomes two experts in interfaith harmony: Mamataj Begum and Ben Shapiro. They discuss how to remove barriers, overcome stereotypes, and achieve greater harmony with people around us. Mamataj’s volunteering efforts and career in public service surround her with people from different walks of life....

Cenotaph – November 2021

The church was represented at the Cenotaph in London for the Remembrance Service

Upcoming "Saints" volume three looks back at the history of the Church in Europe

Elders Bednar and Gong Discuss How to Better Understand Muslims

Apostles Conclude Ministry Visit to Great Britain

President M. Russell Ballard, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland and Elder Quentin L. Cook have finished their weeklong ministry trip to Great Britain.

Three Latter-day Saint Apostles Begin Visit to Great Britain

From Newsroom (Salt Lake City) Three members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are ministering throughout Great Britain this week.

The Travelling Story-Teller: Lessons from the Pilgrimage of Life

On this episode of Hope Helps, professional actor Darren Hill shares insights gained from a long career combining his two passions: storytelling and travelling. In recent years, Darren performed a one-man theatrical production nearly every night during a 500-mile pilgrimage across Spain. His storytelling platform, The Story...