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People of different spiritual paths gather to celebrate faith at British Pageant

The British Pageant, a musical experience that tells the history of the Mormon faith in Great Britain and Ireland, has drawn audiences from different religions and cultures to celebrate stories of faith.

The Victorian musical celebration not only tells the stories of the earliest Mormons in the British Isles, but the stories of reformers and religious martyrs throughout Britain’s history that paved the way to religious freedom.


David A Martinez plays William Tyndale, a reformer who was instrumental in having the Bible translated into English.

“I think what Tyndale and the other reformers brought to light is that truth is everywhere and in order for us to receive it we need to change our own paradigms even when it comes at a great cost. From what I understand, that comes from clinging to truth and never letting go,” said David of his character.

Although the stories portrayed in the pageant hold special significance to Mormons, the messages of faith and perseverance connect with many people outside of the Mormon faith.

“I think that the pageant will appeal to people of all faiths because it’s an uplifting and hopeful message about people who are trying to find hope in God and acting upon what their learning who are searching and hoping to know what God is about and then taking steps to do something about that. I was raised as a Muslim and I can appreciate that this message is a worldwide message that can touch the hearts of everyone in every religion,” says Rebecca Seehootoorah, who plays Ellen Benbow.

The British Pageant is currently being performed in Chorley until 12 August 2017 and is free to the public. Visit for more details.

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