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The British Pageant 2013

‘Truth Will Prevail’

The First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve have authorised the first official Church Pageant in Britain to take place from 31 July to 10 August 2013 in the grounds of the Preston Temple.

The organising of this event is moving along rapidly. After travelling around the British Isles the Pageant artistic team selected a group of around eighty people to attend the final audition.  Those auditioning travelled from throughout Britain. The day proved to be a wonderful spiritual experience for all involved as they read from the script taken from actual journals and letters of early British Saints.

One sister taking part in the final audition commented, “The spirit was there in abundance taking some by surprise. I am asking in my prayers to be able to participate; that to me, would be such a wonderful blessing.” A young man wrote, “After a long day of reading, acting and singing but more importantly a day of testimonies, spiritual experiences and love, we all headed home feeling happy, content and excited.”

The entire core cast will be in place in the next few days, however, there are plenty more opportunities to be involved in the Pageant both on and off the stage. Visit the website for more details.

We are inviting members of all ages to send in designs for a Pageant entrance ticket. Again all details are on the website.

At the end of April a workshop will take place with the newly called core cast and 150 volunteers standing in for the family cast. At this event the Director will be gauging how best to place such a large cast on the stage and how to manage entrances and exits etc. During the workshop the core cast will be reading, for the first time, their actual lines.

A young man has captured the spirit of the Pageant in these words, “There is a buzz stirring about the UK because of this event and if anyone feels underwhelmed, or not too excited about the British Pageant, then they have not grasped the concept and the power of this event.”



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