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What Does Religion Have to Offer?

We continue to read and hear that religion isn’t a relevant part of many people’s lives in today’s world.  The other day while reading the Radio Times I saw an interview with TV survival expert, Bear Grylls.   This accomplished man uses his knowledge, humour, skills, and tenacity to survive in the wild.  Bear is very popular and brings out the “adventure” in all of us who follow him. 

In the interview he was asked, What about radio? What’s the first thing you turn on in the morning? His reply was, “The honest answer is that I get out of bed, get down on my knees, and say my prayers.” 

The simple act of prayer is an essential part of religion. To many individuals it may not seem necessary, but for those of us who are grateful for the good things in our lives, feeling the need to ask for divine help, and communicate with our Maker, it is a sign of devotion and love.  Bear Gylls goes on to explain, “I started doing it (prayer) about two or three years ago and it centres me for the day.  Afterwards, I get up and feel fired up to go and grab life.”

Humble prayer is just one of many benefits and teachings religion has to offer.   It does centre us on what is important, what is meaningful in our lives, and focuses us on those we love and want to help. 

Is religion relevant in today’s world? Maybe now more than ever! Thank you Bear for your example to help us survive into today’s wild world. 

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