News Release

Sleek, Focused, Inspired - CCP

Under the direction of the Brethren, all of the official church country websites will be getting a sleeker, more focused design. In the next few days, this internet website will be changed to follow the new standardized layout approved by the Church.

Here are a few anticipated features:

  • Social Media – you will have the ability to share, like and link content to your social media pages
  • Local Content – you will find more videos, articles and inspiring stories  produced in UK and Ireland
  • Rising Generation Page – YSA and YMYW will find music, posters, videos, YSA locations and more
  • Area Leaders – Monthly Area Priesthood Leadership articles and other inspiration and counsel from area leaders
  • Current Events – Announcements of important  upcoming events
  • Church Websites – links to,, and more
  • Contribute – Members and church organizations will be encouraged to contribute feedback, photos, videos, articles and stories
  • Locations – Information about the Temple, Family History Centers, Chapels, Church Offices, and Institute Classes

We invite you to return to soon to see the exciting changes for yourself. 

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