News Release

Notre-Dame de Paris Fire


In front of the image of the cathedral Our Lady of Paris, ravaged by the flames, we share the sadness of our Catholic brothers and sisters, even of the whole Christian world and even more of all who see in this magnificent building the greatness of God and what is best in the hearts and hands of all who believe in Him and in His Son Jesus Christ.

What a symbol to see, the week before Easter, this cathedral "to die" and to know that it will "revive" thanks to the gift of all people of good will. But what a blessing to know that by the greatest gift that was made by the Son of God, who accepted to die and take upon himself the sins of the world,  and through his resurrection each of God's children, who we all are,  will also be able to resurrect.

May this tragic event be for each of us an opportunity to reflect on the profound significance of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ and to see in the more or less tragic occasions of our life an opportunity to revive and to turn to the one who gave us life, and even the promise of eternal life. We testify of the resurrection of Christ, He lives and through Him death is conquered, we pray that the world will be filled with this hope.

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