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Mormon Missionary Choir Performs at 7 Historic Venues for Easter

Tourists came hurrying to investigate the wonderful sound rising from the crypt of 15th century Rosslyn Chapel.  It was the perfect atmosphere for the sacred music of the Mormon Missionary Choir from the Scotland/Ireland mission as they warmed-up for their Easter performance in the ancient chapel above, famous for its intricately carved stonework.

What is remarkable about the group of 25 is that they practiced together for the first time barely 48 hours before their first performance.  The theme of their ‘Historic Buildings Tour’ was “Know This – He Lives”.   The group sang in eleven different venues over seven days including the Royal Chapel of Stirling Castle, the Great Hall of Edinburgh Castle, and St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh. They made their own history as they brought a fresh dynamic and vibrant spirit into these ancient halls.

The choir director was Elder William Black from Missouri, USA, age 21.  This is the fourth time he has ably conducted a missionary choir tour during his mission.  The leading pianist was Elder Jan Novotny from the Czech Republic, age 23.  Singing was enhanced by two flutes and a violin accompaniment.

As well as the excellence of their singing, their music visibly carried the spirit and testimony of Christ into the hearts of hundreds of members of the public who might otherwise be closed to their spoken message.  As those in the choir bore their testimonies of Christ through music their love of Him grew.  Sister Skousen expressed “I’m so grateful I had this opportunity to testify in song, learn from the examples of other missionaries, and feel the Spirit with such power. I loved to look into the audience and watch the Spirit work with them.  I know God is in this work!”  Another said “It was amazing to feel the Spirit, and more especially to see others feel the spirit who had never felt it before.”

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