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Making It Up As We Go Along

Alexandra Mackenzie Johns and Peter Johns discuss their passion for the arts and how they balance having careers and children on this week’s episode of Hope Helps.

Pete is from South Wales and was a practising chiropractor, but recently decided to switch careers to teaching physical education. Alexandra has a Master’s and a Ph.D. in theatre. They have been married for almost 10 years and have lived and worked in Jersey, India, and soon, Jordan.

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The couple met at age 16 and dated for a few years, then went separate ways to pursue their careers. Eight years passed, and Alex got a strong spiritual feeling that she needed to send Pete an email to reconnect. He received the email and gladly made up an excuse to visit Alex in Jersey.

The holiday opened their eyes to how perfect of a match they were; however, Alex was a devout Christian, and at the time Peter was agnostic. At this moment she realized she wanted her future children to grow up knowing Christ. Peter said bluntly, “I would never become a committed Christian for your or anyone else,” which made Alex glad. She wanted Pete to find faith for himself, not because of romantic interest.

Pete started looking towards heavenly things once again. He began to investigate, ask questions, and look back to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for answers. Alex and Peter knew they needed to be together, and after ten months of dating, they were married.

Both Alex and Pete have been involved with the Nauvoo and British pageants. Alex was a lead writer and creator of the British pageant. These shows are put on by volunteers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Alex considers pageants as an open expression of faith. Similar to taking the sacrament or communion, the Nauvoo and British pageants are re-enactments of sacred events.

Alexandra and Peter have learned how to balance a family and marriage without conforming to traditional gender roles. At multiple times in their marriage, they have traded off working and staying home with their children. They recognize the needs of one another and readily adjust their lifestyle to make sure everyone is happy. On finding hope, Pete says, “I’ve learned to just trust instinct…if things do not feel right inside, I just don’t go with them.  And if they do, then I don’t worry about it, and we just step ahead.”

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