News Release

Hyde Park Visitors' Centre Receives Evacuated Children from Science Museum

On Wednesday the 10th of February the Science Museum, directly opposite the Hyde Park Visitors' Centre of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in London on Exhibition Road, had a fire alarm that necessitated evacuating over 2000 people from the building.  On a very cold day several of the children who had been evacuated were not properly dressed for the outside cold and were extremely uncomfortable. 

After over an hour of standing in the cold, one of the Science Museum staff asked if the children could come inside the Hyde Park Chapel to get warm.  "Of course," the Visitors' Centre missionaries replied resulting in more than 250 children and their teachers coming into the building and cultural hall to get warm.  Those in the chapel heard a senior missionary play the organ for a few minutes.  When their lunches arrived, they joined the other children and teachers in the cultural hall.

The teachers were so grateful and expressed how much they appreciated the Church opening its doors for the children.  They said they would pass this kindness on to the parents.  The Science Museum officials also expressed their gratitude and offered their building and service to the Church if it was ever needed.

The convenience of the Church being so close and available saved the day for the children, the teachers and the Science Museum.  


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