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In the great British newspapers and periodicals they will have interviews with, or features and profiles about interesting and accomplished people.   Often as part of the article it will be asked of the person something like, “What is the most important lesson you have learned in your life?”  Reading these types of questions I have asked myself the same question and how would I answer such a question.

One answer quickly popped into my mind: “you have to create your own happiness”.  Meaning that there are so many ups and downs, changes, and challenges in today’s uncertain world that one really has to find and develop what makes them most happy and content.   By having life experiences we learn that being “well rounded in life” helps bring happiness.   What does being “well rounded” mean?   Well rounded is being able to have such things as family, friends, education, work, hobbies or pleasurable activities, to give one a full life.   Too much of one thing or of one area of your life dominates everything else, then life can become “out of balance” and hurt other important parts of life.  A well rounded or a full life can be an important part of happiness.

Another answer to the question I have learned in life is having faith and practicing my religion.   Religion can and should be an important part of a well-balanced life.  Religion gives a moral compass to life, strengthens the family, and is being part of something that is bigger than just one’s self.  Religion gives hope, teaches faith, answers questions about life’s purpose and is a foundation.   Religions provides service to others, building relationships, and can and will provide eternal happiness.

What is the most important lesson I have learned?  Life is the pursuit of happiness and a well-balanced and fruitful life should include religion.  This will bring great happiness. 

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