News Release

Four Mayors attend Helston Anniversary

A special ceremony was held recently at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Cornwall as members celebrated 40 years since the dedication of the Chapel in Helston.

Members and other guests enjoyed the special service, which was also attended by 4 Mayors – Councillor Mike Thomas, Mayor of Helston, Councillor David Nebesnuick, Mayor of Penzance, Councillor Gillian Grant, Mayoress of Penryn and Councillor Daniel Williams Mayor of Porthleven. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a worldwide organization with over 15 million members worshipping Jesus Christ together in over 185 languages. Several hundred of those members live in Cornwall gathering in chapels in Helston and Redruth.  The building, located on Clodgey Lane, was built in 1974 with funds collected by the members. The construction was overseen by an appointed building supervisor but members of the congregation donated labour hours whenever they could.  Many worked throughout the night on the construction and returned to their daily employment.

Many members recall the service that they gave during the construction. John Hunt of Falmouth, who was part of the build, recalls digging a trench at night “and the only illumination we had was a tilly lamp hanging from a garden fork stuck on the side of the trench.”  Elizabeth Bray of Helston remembered planting, tending, and harvesting potato and strawberry crops to help fund the construction.

The structure of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is based on the volunteering efforts of its members. There are no paid positions within the Church, and all members have an opportunity to serve in various positions. The Helston Ward - the name given for a local congregation - has recently experienced a change of leadership as Nelson Oliver of Helston has been asked to fill the position of Bishop. He has given volunteer service as a Bishop four previous times, each time in a different congregation. He is bringing his great experience to the Helston Ward members by teaching them deeper faith in Jesus Christ and ways to improve their spiritual relationship as well as their lives.

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