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Europe North Area Presidency Announces British Pageant for Summer 2023

British Pageant Presidency, leadership and creative teams at work preparing for Pageant

The Europe North Area Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has announced that the British Pageant will be held over two consecutive weeks: Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 5th and Tuesday 8th to Saturday 12th August 2023 in Chorley, Lancashire.

The Pageant, which is one of only three globally sponsored pageants of the Church, features a cast and crew of several hundred volunteers who will celebrate through song, dance, and the spoken word, the remarkable contributions of early British and Irish converts to the Church and to the mid-19th century religious revival.

Elder Hans T. Boom, President of the Europe North Area said of the Pageant, “It is much more than just a musical production. This truly is an opportunity to turn our hearts to our families, our friends, our forebears and especially to our Saviour.”

Typically, the Pageant is performed every four years but restrictions from the pandemic and its aftermath have caused subsequent postponements with the last performances of the Pageant being held in 2017.

British Pageant Presidency Craig T. Wright (president), Paul S. Elvidge (first counsellor) and John Deacon (second counsellor) are now actively working with the leadership and creative teams to help accomplish the Pageant’s overarching purpose to:

“Bring people closer to Christ through a transformational experience that shares our legacy of faith in our Saviour and the blessings of the covenant path.”

President Wright added, “Multiple volunteers are already working in production, costumes, staging, choirs, security, and a host of other essential areas to bring about what is sure to be an amazing experience for all who participate. We hope you will join us this coming August 2023.”

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