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Dumfries Mormons help at the Big Food Packing for Refugees

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and community volunteers in Dumfries, Scotland gathered together to help package the hundreds of food donations that were received for refugee aid at the church meeting house. The event was named 'Big Food Packaging Night'. Individuals as well as families worked at designated stations, unpacking large boxes of food donations received from the general public as well as community organisations and food outlets.

Care was exercised in ensuring that all food products were packed in accordance with the guidelines received from Refugee Aid agencies in Calais. Tables were set up as stations, each one clearly labelled with the name of the food item.  One woman, when asked why she had become involved in this event, remarked, “I like to think that someone would do this for me. It’s about loving one another and caring for each other.”

Border ITV filmed the volunteers as they worked together in sorting and packaging food items. The film footage will be used in a program to be broadcast in November. The program will include the story of church and community working together to bring humanitarian aid to refugees in Calais.

All of the volunteers had the same sense of compassion for strangers who are known throughout the world as refugees. Church youth worked side by side with family and community members to be of service to the refugees. It was tiring work but immensely satisfying for all of them. Friendships were made as the volunteers packaged items that they had access to daily. For the refugees food was not plentiful.

The reality of it all brought home how blessed we are to live in communities untarnished by war.

The packaged food boxes contained a selection of food items, rice, salt, canned goods and other items that will bring relief to refugees and their children.

The food boxes will be transported to Calais for distribution to refugees.

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