News Release

Chester Remembers Pres Nelson's Visit

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Chester area were visited recently by the Church's senior apostle, President Russell M Nelson, and his wife Wendy. Also accompanying him were Elder Paul V Johnson, a leading church leader for the Europe Area, and his wife.


A congregation of seven hundred gathered for a special Sunday meeting to hear President Nelson give an impactful and inspiring talk full of insight and sound advice for parents. A recurring theme in the meeting was 'joy', with Sister Johnson speaking of the joy her daughter was still able to experience whilst suffering the effects of chemotherapy. 

Despite being in his nineties, President Nelson displayed great awareness and energy and pronounced an apostolic blessing on the congregation as he closed his remarks. Afterwards, he shook hands with as many as he could, offering a meaningful greeting to all he met.  

President Jared Ireland, ecclesiastical leader for the Church in the Chester area, observed that many members had renewed their commitment to living Christ-centred lives as a result of the meeting. 

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