News Release

BYU London Centre re-opens its doors

After extensive renovation and approximately six months of anticipation, the BYU London Centre re-opened its doors on 24 June 2014 to Church and community leaders. Newly appointed on 1 May 2014 Brigham Young University President Kevin J. Worthen, accompanied by his wife Peggy, welcomed distinguished guests and shared remarks.

Praising the early British Mormons who sacrificed and gave much for the establishment of the Church in the United Kingdom, President Worthen referenced the personal sacrifices of Karl G. Maesar, second president of BYU, who served as a missionary in England and Scotland.  He further recognized the many who demonstrated remarkable faith in the face of adversity.

Highlighting the purpose of the centre, President Kevin J. Worthen referenced Brigham Young University’s mission statement: to assist individuals in the quest for perfection and eternal life. Before a group of over fifty guests, he reiterated ‘that assistance’ should provide a period of intensive learning in a stimulating setting where a commitment to excellence is expected and the full realization of human potential is pursued.  He further stated, “What we want for our students is that period of intensive learning in a stimulating setting which includes not only the BYU London Centre but the full London experience.”

The BYU London Centre reflects The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ commitment to scholarship and cultural outreach. Immersing themselves in the culture and history of twenty-first century London and Western Europe, students from all over the world gather in London to study together. The BYU Centre houses approximately 40 students and participating faculty in the two beautifully renovated adjoining Victorian townhouses which serve as an international education centre. Located in west-central London near Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, the Centre provides easy access for students. The newly renovated library serves not only an inviting study centre for registered students, but also houses the valuable Islamic Translation Series which will be available on a reserve basis for interested scholars.

To commemorate the re-opening of the centre, honoured guest M. Walayat Khokhar MBE, representing Muslim Aid, made a presentation to President Worthen. While commenting on collaboration with the Church on the Bosnia Relief Project, he emphasized, “We are in partnership for the sake of humanity.”

Expressions of appreciation were extended to Jeff Ringer, Director of the David M. Kennedy Centre who oversees the 150 international study programmes including the BYU London Centre, Professor James Faulconer who serves as BYU London Centre Academic Director, and Peter Dunbar, project manager for the newly refurbished centre. When asked to share his remarks about the completion of the project, Peter Dunbar said, “The magic moment occurred when I saw students’ faces. The look on their faces was very happy and for the first time they didn’t want to go home.”




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