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BYU Ballroom Dance Company to Tour UK

Championship formation dancing, breath-taking lifts and spins—all performed in a seemingly endless stream of shimmering costumes—no one does it better than the  BYU Ballroom Dance Company. The first Americans ever to win the prestigious British Formation Championships, a feat they have repeated many times since, the dancers have also competed in the World Formation Championships and have consistently earned top honors in the United States National Formation Championships.


The company has toured with its variety showcase of Latin and international dance styles—including waltz, samba, foxtrot, and hustle—throughout Europe, the Middle East, the South Pacific, eastern Asia, and the United States. They have also performed as special guest artists at ballroom dance competitions in China, Ukraine, and Hungary. And always, regardless where they perform, the Ballroom Dance Company dazzles and delights.

In preparation for this competitive ballroom event at Blackpool this year, the BYU teams practice tirelessly to perfect their new Latin and Ballroom formation routines. After their last victory in Blackpool, the Ballroom Dance Company toured and entertained audiences in England, Germany, and Switzerland. This year, the team will tour in England and Scotland after the competition. In addition to their international success, the Ballroom Dance Company is the current USA Champion in both Ballroom formation and Latin formation dance. 

The Dance Company will be touring around the UK on the following dates -

Sat 4 June - Manor CofE Academy School, Millfield Lane, Nether Poppleton, York

Tue 7 June - Aberdeen Union Square (Mall), Beach Ballroom

Thu 9 June - Durham, Gala Theatre

Fri 10 June - Chesterfield, Pomegranate Theatre

Sat 11 June - De Montford Hall, Leicester

Tue 14 June - Cardiff

Wed 15 June - Bath

Thu 16 June - Cambridge 

Sat 18 June - London Mermaid Conference & Events Auditorium 

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