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Bishop Alec Mitchell of Brighton Congregation receives RBL honour

A unique honour by the Royal British Legion has been placed upon Bishop Alec Mitchell, of the Brighton congregation, Crawley area, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Bishop Mitchell, originally from Norwich, was recently asked to serve as one of three RBL chaplains in the Brighton area.

“I am as bemused and honoured as anyone. I think it’s a great honour for the Church, and it’s a success story of being obedient to Elder Herbertson asking us to get more involved in our community and the Royal British Legion,” said Bishop Mitchell. “I feel we have done our little bit down here in the Brighton Ward.”

Bishop Mitchell said he believes the recognition has come about in response to the dedication of members in Brighton heeding the advice of Elder Clifford T Herbertson of The Church of Jesus of Christ of Latter-day Saints. In 2013, Elder Herbertson asked that members develop stronger relationships in their communities with worthy causes such as the Royal British Legion. In that very year, the Brighton congregation opened their doors to host a poppy appeal service in their building. The mayor was an attendant of that service.  

In 2014, the Brighton congregation was once again asked to hold another poppy appeal service in their building, to which they agreed. It was at this particular service that the RBL ceremonial leader in the Brighton area approached Bishop Mitchell to ask if he would be interested in becoming an RBL chaplain. After looking into the roles and responsibilities of serving as an RBL chaplain, Bishop Mitchell agreed in the hope that his serving would help to bring a greater recognition and appreciation for the Church in that area.

RBL chaplains are ecclesiastical leaders that are from various backgrounds and religious beliefs. They are chosen to take an active part in their community and to help support the Royal British Legion in its causes. As an RBL chaplain, Bishop Mitchell was given a lapel pin that he wears when he is performing as such.

Bishop Mitchell said there has been quite a bit of public attention on the Church as of late with members’ involvement with the RBL and the First World War centenary. He said he was happy to show his support of the noteworthy cause of the Royal British Legion and to bring with it a greater understanding of the Church within the local community.  

Bishop has served in various callings throughout his life—stake clerk, bishopric counsellor, full time missionary with his late wife Jeni at Gadfield Elm chapel and bishop. He said his favourite thing about being a bishop is seeing people and their testimonies grow as they come into the gospel. The Brighton congregation has approximately ninety members who actively attend meetings.

Bishop Mitchell is the father of four and grandfather of ten children. He is also the stepfather of three and step-grandfather of one.

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